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Tick tock, tick tock… wasted time and forgettable moments.

Stories from the last month of exploration.

I’m a dangerous mix of reflective, sentimental and critical at the best of times. But the onus on the new decade, plus the fact I’m turning 30 this year, had my mind working overtime: What have I achieved? Am I on the right path? Should I be doing more?

When I meditate, I always picture the tops of pine trees, swaying gently in the wind, as sunlight illuminates the tips of branches. There’s something profoundly grounding about submerging oneself in the natural world. In conjuring up this image, I feel a sense of cooling calm spread through my veins.

But why do I urge my mind to picture such a scene when I could be outside experiencing it?

I wonder how much time I’ve wasted scrolling through social media, fulfilling obligations and second-guessing myself, when I instead could have been out marvelling at the spaces around me and recharging my energy in nature?

Weekly Adventure was created as a forcing mechanism to get me out, into the here and now, to practise being present.

Re-wiring my brain is going to take a while. I’ve already wondered if this is another waste of time, what even constitutes an adventure, and if this whole project is too selfish and self-absorbed.

This is why I want to thank each and every one of you for your words of support, for telling me you’ve found inspiration in the idea, and that you have decided to go and explore more. This means everything to me, so, from the bottom of my heart, thank you ♥

Adventure roundup: January 2020

Themes: Slow, conscious, open

#1 Wild swimming: the winter edition

I’d really recommend checking out Wim Hof ahead of throwing yourself into a 5-degree lake. For those of you who haven’t heard of him, he’s often referred to as the Iceman for his impressive feats in sub-zero conditions. It’s been shown that his breathing techniques, mixed with exposure to the cold, can boost your immune system and hugely re-energise you.

Yes, the lake was cold. No, I don’t regret doing it. My body pulsed with endorphins, and I felt such a sense of achievement.

#2 Slow travel: taking it easy in Lisbon

Like many, I’ve been thinking a lot about the implications of frequent weekend breaks. Slow travel (based on the ethos of slow living) is an area I’ve become increasingly interested in due to its principles of localism and consciousness. While in Lisbon, I actively avoided the “must-see” sights that didn’t really interest me, and instead explored quiet neighbourhoods.

It was so nice not to feel rushed, and to instead spend my time (and money) doing things that I enjoyed. Slow travel is a total win-win situation.

#3 Adventuring ohne plan: overcoming the unexpected

Saturday 18th went something like this: brunch, open day at the local gym (mistake - the gym?! - seriously, who did I think I was), lunch (100% potato to compensate the gym), oh sh*t - it’s adventure day, what even is an adventure, I’m tired - do I have to?, fine - let’s get on a train and see what happens.

My tram terminated one stop away from my house, I got diverted because of a police blockade, and I fell over running away from a swan. It was awesome; sometimes the best adventures are the least expected.

#4 Restaurant feature: the story behind Mama Shabz

There are so many incredible, independent eateries in Berlin, which means there are so many inspirational stories of passion, pain and power. Running a restaurant can be rough, and being a business owner is back-breaking.

I went to find out the tale behind Mama Shabz, a vibrant Pakastani cafe on Reichenberger Straße that opened last October. Named for Shabz’s Mum, home cooking is king here. The buttery parathas, spicy channa chat and rich chai have secured themselves a regular.

Have you been adventuring recently? I want to hear about it!

This weekend I plan on regressing: I loved climbing trees as a kid, so why not see how high I can still clamber? Stay tuned…

Weekly Adventure

Hello! I’m Emily, and I’ve set myself the challenge of creating 52 memorable experiences over 52 weeks. 

The idea of being present and discovering the things on your doorstep resonated with many of my nearest and dearest. So Weekly Adventure was born with the hope that we could share stories and motivate each other to go and explore.

​I plan on trying as much as possible, from stargazing and hiking to getting lost and visiting that new bar, because anything and everything can be an adventure in the making. 

I hope you can find inspiration here, too, and, if you have any questions, feedback or stories to share, please get in touch.

​Emily xo