Find calm at the centre of the storm

Reflection, guilt and productivity.

Stories from the last month of exploration.

Despite the fact we’re stuck at home, it feels as if there’s more pressure than ever to do.

My screen time is through the roof, and - like you all - I find myself bombarded with information day in day out, constantly comparing myself to those I read about:

  • HEALTH: Is my cough a COVID cough? I should rest.

  • NEW SKILLS: Should I have started learning to code? I’m getting behind.

  • WELLNESS: Why haven’t I been doing daily fitness videos? I need to start.

  • PROJECTS: Did I want to launch that project? I have to get working on it.

  • SOCIAL: Have I spoken to my family or caught up with friends? I should take a video call.

  • HOUSEHOLD: Why haven’t I got a sourdough starter? I must make some.

I feel constantly pulled in every direction, burdened with this sense of guilt that I’m falling behind because I’m not using my time in lockdown “properly”. In fact, I nearly didn’t pen this newsletter because I felt guilty that 1. it’s late, and 2. I haven’t written an adventure for the last 2 weeks.

But then I went on a bike ride. I put my phone on flight mode, wrapped a scarf around my face, and just cycled. No direction, no destination. I followed the sun. It was the most calm I’d felt in weeks. I got home and took a bath. I read my book. I cancelled some calls. I stretched. I stared out the window. The world didn’t end because I wasn’t doing something. In fact, my world felt much better for it.

We’re living through something so surreal that it’s hard to wrap our heads around it. But I believe that the most important thing we can do is find our own centre, and allow ourselves to do (or not do) the things that bring us the most peace.

With that in mind, I want to share the things that have helped ground me, and give me a sense of security and contentment amongst all the madness. Try them, or don’t. You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone.

Creativity for creativity’s sake

Repeating the same rhymic movement with our hands is powerful, and I always underestimate how restorative I find painting. Applying the first brush strokes to an empty page can seem a bit scary, but just go with it and see what happens.

I’ve been sketching mountainscapes and filling in my colouring-for-adults book. Hours pass as my mind drifts and my hand transforms a blank sheet into a rainbow.

Daily yoga with a friend

I crawl out of bed at 8am, groggy because I fell back asleep after Rupert’s alarm went off at 6.30am, again. I pull on my leggings as I rub sleep from my eyes and check my phone in anticipation of the “I’m ready whenever you are” text. I Facetime my friend, Eva, and we spend the next 45 minutes mimicking the movements of the yoga instructor on our screens.

We hold each other accountable for this routine, knowing the calm it brings to our days, and I know that - right now - I’d feel really lost without it.

Solo walks to seek out spring

I’m lucky that I can leave the house. I try to limit my time outside as much as possible, popping out maximum once a day to run errands or take a stroll around the block.

Turning down quiet streets, gazing up at the blue sky that’s occasionally punctuated by white and pink blossom, is so meditative. I’m really present, absorbing every detail of the world around me. The simple things are often the most special.

Lockdown adventure inspiration

I wrote a round up of fun, free adventures you can have at home. They range from watching classical concerts and virtual clubbing to brewing kombucha and attending film festivals online. If you decide to try something, I’d love to hear about it.

Weekly Adventure

Hello! I’m Emily, and I’ve set myself the challenge of creating 52 memorable experiences over 52 weeks. 

The idea of being present and discovering the things on your doorstep resonated with many of my nearest and dearest. So Weekly Adventure was born with the hope that we could share stories and motivate each other to go and explore.

​I plan on trying as much as possible, from stargazing and hiking to getting lost and visiting that new bar, because anything and everything can be an adventure in the making. 

I hope you can find inspiration here, too, and, if you have any questions, feedback or stories to share, please get in touch.

​Emily xo